Welcome to Elephant Trunk Films

Elephant Trunk Films (ETF) is a central Pennsylvania independent film company. Their mission is to make films that are relevant to today’s society and impact the viewer in a meaningful way. The head of the company is Phoebe Frear who is a 20 year old filmmaker and has been practicing her craft actively since the summer of 2011. Her family has been working with her to reach her dreams and ambitions. Their personal goal is to bring local and passionate people together to work on one common objective. Bringing together like minded individuals allows for a broad range of information to exchange allowing the desired substance to shine through the combined efforts.

Ghost Story

Ghost Story is Elephant Trunk Films current project. Our main character, Thomas, is plagued by visions of the spirit world that no one else can see. He is constantly terrorized and tormented by the images causing him ridicule and a misunderstanding from his friends and family. His great desire is to find a meaning and purpose for the “gift” he was given. In the search for clarity the audience is introduced to several ghosts and their stories. In these tales Thomas finds his destiny.