About Us

In high school, Phoebe found herself working with other students in a writing project. When the assignment was finished, the desire to tell a story was not. Out of the unquenchable need to paint a picture in words came one of her first collaborative scripts. On a lark that script was presented to a family friend in the Hollywood industry. Early screenwriting efforts were less than professional, but the foundational encouragement given from the family friend set wheels in motion that today still turn. Now that family friend is Phoebe’s mentor and she looks up to him with great respect.

Tom Woodruff and Phoebe

The first on-camera efforts were done with a flip camera with friends and the use of an attic. These first attempts can be seen on the YouTube channel entitled JPJFilmz.

JPJ Films Apocalypse Cookie

After completing a few short films with some friends, it was official, the bug bit down hard and Phoebe was hooked. Her brother, Jamin came along for the filmmaking ride and together the siblings participated in a short film contest at their camp. They had 5 days to put together a video to the best of their abilities on an iPod touch. They had a lot of fun and worked hard with their group of friends. The film contest was judged by the head of the film department from Asbury University. They were joyous to find out that their film had won first prize. It was Phoebe’s confirmation that filmmaking was what she was supposed to do with the rest of her life. Her schooling and yearning to know more found her swimming in books on film making, script writing, and directing.

Phobe hugging Alexa

Since those early days her skill and knowledge has grown in her craft. Her films have also blossomed and developed into what has become her personal passion. The greatest desire is to continue to grow and learn, stagnant waters produce no life. The stories she chooses to tell have the desire to be enjoyable as well as meaty. Each story has a purpose and a motivation behind it to help make the world a better place. Every film has the collaboration of other talented people with vision and dreams. Together we can help each other grow hopes, dreams and spirits.