Our Work

Drawing Breath | Lawrence Charles Miller

This video was edited by Phoebe Frear for a local art gallery.

Love of Music From the Ground Floor Up

The Ground Floor is a local concert venue that is located in the basement of a church. In August 2013 the church had threatened to close the concert venue down. After seeing all of the posts on facebook from the kids, Phoebe was inspired to compile all of the love and support that was shown into one video. The footage scattered through the video are from different concerts held at The Ground Floor over a three year period. After this video was published and the “last” concert was done, the church decided to allow the basement to be rented out. And so The Ground Floor continues to live on.

Remember to Forget Me

Falling at 26 minutes in length, Remember to Forget Me was an ambitious project created to raise awareness about modern day human trafficking. This film follows the short life of Martha Wright who is bought and sold over and over again by men.

The Organ Grinder's Monkey

ETF’s entry for The Research Page's short film contest. The guidelines were as follows. Each participant had one month to write, shoot, edit and submit a film less than nine minutes long. At the beginning of the month a prop list, genre list and a quotation was given to the entrants to use in each of their films. The Organ Grinder's Monkey is what Elephant Trunk Films came up with for a submission. The film is about a young girl who loses her beloved brother and does everything she can to get him back. The use of all three genres western, sci-fi and suspense influenced the outcome of this film.

Cluttered Soul

Cluttered Soul is a nine minute video created for the Canon Imaginat10n contest in the summer of 2013. A girl confides in a notebook rather than people, but when it gets taken away, her perspective on life changes.

Mahaffey Mob

Mahaffey Mob was created before Elephant Trunk Films existed. Phoebe, her brother Jamin and a group of their Mahaffey camp friends joined together to create this for a short film contest hosted by Asbury College.

Apocalypse Cookie

Before there was Elephant Trunk Films, there was JPJFilmz. Apocalypse Cookie is by far everyones favorite JPJ film. This quirky twist on the apocalypse is the only zombie film ETF has ever done. But by golly it’s fun.