Ghost Story

Short Film

Although we are not always on set filming, we are always working on our next project(s). We are currently in the revising stage of the script to our next film entitled Ghost Story. The plan is to start filming the project in the fall of 2014. Along with revising we are working hard on casting, scouting locations, and pulling together our crew. This is our largest scripted film project to date. If you are interested in working on a short film in central Pennsylvania, email Phoebe: or message us on Facebook.

Susquehanna 500


A short promotional video and race recap video for the event.

Saving Our Stories (aka Generation to Generation Project)

OnGoing Documentary Project Around The World

You’re sitting around the table with your great grandmother, it’s just the two of you. You decide you’re curious about her life and you ask her all sorts of questions. "What high school did you go to?" "Who was your first love?" "What technology change did you live through?" "What kind of car did your dad have?" "Who was your role model when you were a teenager and why?" "What event changed your life in a big way?" The conversation you have with her is wonderful, but no one else was there to hear about the awesome bits of information. So now you feel obligated to remember every bit of it so that this woman will never be forgotten. She’s not famous, but she’s important to you. What if you can make it so that her oral history will never be forgotten? What is the value to save the stories of the people you love? Would you do it?

Saving Our Stories is based around a situation similar to the one you just read. The point of this project is to make sure that anyone with a story is able to have it told. The original title to the project was called Generation to Generation and was introduced to homeschoolers in the area. The idea was for students to interview anyone who is at least 40 years older than themselves and ask them questions about their life. While doing this, the students will learn their way around a camera, basic lighting and audio techniques, how to conduct an interview, and ultimately how to edit together video. Once this is complete, the video can be shared on our website, on youtube, and around the world.

But why stop there? We want YOU to participate with us. Anyone can join in, it doesn't matter if you're a student, an adult, if you have nice camera equipment or if you have a cell phone camera, all can benefit and share. If there is someone (anyone at any age) whose story you want saved, or if you want to share, we encourage participation in this grand adventure. Together we can save our own personal history and inspire those who follow.

Soap Box Derby


Short films are not the only thing ETF does. We enjoy working for our surrounding community and telling stories that otherwise may not have been told. Soap Box Derby is a community event that started in 1940’s and ran for many years. The event was shut down and had become just a thing of the past until 2009 when it was resurrected. This is the 5th running year and there are now more kids than ever participating. Soap Box Derby gives the kids in the community a chance to work on a project with their parents and have a bonding time with family members without being glued to modern technology. ETF is proud to be a part of this project.

Black Slave Guides of Mammoth Cave



In September of 2013 Phoebe Frear went on a scouting trip with Edward Frank to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Together they are working on a documentary about 50 minutes in length entitled Black Guides of Mammoth Cave. The purpose of the project is to share the untold story of the black slaves who made important discoveries in Mammoth cave. Caving is something that runs through the veins, a love one can’t shake. For that reason caving has been passed down from generation to generation right down to Jerry Bransford. We will showcase Jerry Bransford, a descendant of Robert(sp) Bransford who was one of the original slaves to fall in love with Mammoth Cave. Estimated time of completion is unknown, but the project continues on.